March 27th, 2015, 2:43 am

Future of Hope

after long discuss with my friend/editor. I decide to canceled this comic.

the response to this series are low, also the next chapter that I planing for this story are not live up to my expectation, to many mary-sue sydrome on the plot that are very hard to avoid.
I made this story ideas in 2005, so now after all my experience, my expectation are higher, and I feel pressure and dizzy just to think how suck the plot is lol.
until I can come up with a better story, this series will remain postponed.

I'm not young teen anymore with top notch stamina, so I want to save my energy to make other comic that are more decent for you guys to read.

I'm so sorry for all the inconvenience I've cause, and thank you for everyone who read the story until now. pardon for all the grammar mistake that make you feel uncomfortable.

I feel sad but its for the best.

see you again in my other webcomic ^^/

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