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chapter 0 : page 37

Welcome to Hope : Blinded Soul.

when desperate human crying for help for their wish to come true.. so bad they ready to trade their soul. thinking God doesn't come to answer the prayer. a Demon come instead to make their wish come true.. but of course ...not for free.

Future of Hope

after long discuss with my friend/editor. I decide to canceled this comic.

the response to this series are low, also the next chapter that I planing for this story are not live up to my expectation, to many mary-sue sydrome on the plot that are very hard to avoid.
I made this story ideas in 2005, so now after all my experience, my expectation are higher, and I feel pressure and dizzy just to think how suck the plot is lol.
until I can come up with a better story, this series will remain postponed.

I'm not young teen anymore with top notch stamina, so I want to save my energy to make other comic that are more decent for you guys to read.

I'm so sorry for all the inconvenience I've cause, and thank you for everyone who read the story until now. pardon for all the grammar mistake that make you feel uncomfortable.

I feel sad but its for the best.

see you again in my other webcomic ^^/

posted by Archie The RedCat @ March 27th, 2015, 2:43 am   0 comments


hello my dear readers, please forgive me for making you wait this long for an update.

I decide to refresh this webcomic and start all over again
new cover, new pages, and with more decent grammar.
I will re-post the pages one by one until the chapter 0 finish.

I hope with a new start, this comic will have a better future.

thank you for being so loyal and keep waiting all this time
I will try my best from now on,

also if you have some time please check it out my Patreon page

your help and support are truly appreciated :)


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how many times you need the update?

I update this comic randomly..
seeing all the web comic out there, the succeed one.
I realize people need to get stable update, so they know when to wait..
is it true?
I make this comic on my spare time, after I done with some works to do, but having a schedule are great to..

usually how many times an update and pages upload that will be appropriate for a web comic?
please let me know.. ^^/ your feedback are really appreciated.

and Im so sorry in advance if I make you guys upset for waiting to long, I hope this web comic is worth the wait :)

just a heads up, after chapter 0 done, I will starting new chapter in more serious mode, Ink and tone! yeay.. XD
so stick around and wish me luck guys!

posted by Archie The RedCat @ November 13th, 2011, 8:31 pm   5 comments

Thank you for The support!

today the comic reach 18 page, if this a magazine, this amount of page are enough for short oneshoot.
how do you think so far?are the story good enough? is it boring?are the pace are to slow?
honestly I made this comic only for satisfying my own pleasure, I dont think much about the pace and the flow,I dont even make any storyboard for this,and I made this only with pencil.. *A*
if I think about people who read it, sometimes I want to smack myself for being so selfish.

but I really want to make it better.. of course if people love the comic.. ^^ probably this comic have a long journey than it intent to be.
chapter 0 are to see how people respond with this kind of story.

so if you dont mind, and have time to spare, please tell me whatyou think about the story so far.
comment and critiques are very welcome.. ^^
also thank you for everyone who help me with the grammar mistake,and also for 140+ fans who follow this comic.
please keep reading until the end!


posted by Archie The RedCat @ November 2nd, 2011, 10:13 pm   4 comments

HOPE webcomic

hello everyone, first I wanna say thank you for everyone who are visiting this page.^///^
Hope are actually my old comic in 2005 , right now I decide to remake the comic into a webcomic.
the Comic done only in pencil and tone, so I apologize for the crappy quality.
also English is not my first language, I try but maybe you will found some grammar error here in there, I hope that wont make you guys upset and you all can still enjoy the story.


posted by Archie The RedCat @ October 20th, 2011, 11:16 pm   3 comments

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